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via Ochomogo to Las Salinas, Nicaragua – Download Directions

Driving Directions from Managua Airport

Coming out of the airport, turn RIGHT onto (Carretera Norte).
Stay in your proper lane when turning or the police will give you a ticket.

At the first rotunda continue straight. This rotunda will have a busy bus depot
and large market – don’t get confused – continue straight thru.

At the second rotunda go RIGHT - onto a tree lined road.
You will pass large white tanks along the right side of the road.

After about 7K there will be a funky intersection – stay RIGHT – turning onto a
smooth main road going toward Masaya. You will soon pass a large
manufacturing plant called ASTRO. Buses should say to Masaya and Tipitapa.

You will come to a T-junction with a white arched building directly in front.
There will be a sign that says Masaya, Granada, and Penas Blancas to the
left and Managua to the right – GO LEFT.

NOTE: Make sure to stop properly at the stop sign here. There are always cops here. Don’t stop and ask the police for directions – they’ll find something to give you a ticket for!!

Soon after turning left toward Granada you will pass a Papa Johns Pizza.
REMEMBER this – this will be your landmark when returning to the airport!

At the next rotundacontinue STRAIGHT thru – do not take first right or
You will be on the scenic/hectic tour through the center of Masaya!

Now you should be on a 4-lane divided highway… Look for a MAXI PALI to stop at if you wish to buy snacks or provisions (they take credit cards!)

At the next rotunda – take a hard right – otherwise you will drive all the way in to the city of Granada. This rotunda is a bit different than the others as it has a bike path with yellow markers. There should be a big factory on the right shortly after.

You are now heading toward CATARINA on a smoothly paved 2-lane road.
Look for a sign that says CATARINA 6K. You will pass Pueblo Blanco Artist Villa.

Near here is a new rotunda – continue in a way that would be considered straight thru (meaning don’t take your first right turn off the rotunda!).

Pass through Catarina (village with beautiful plants), followed by the small towns San Juan de Oriente (noted for its beautiful pottery), and then the small towns of Diria and Diriomo.

Stay on the main road toward NANDAIME. As you approach Volcan Mombocho you will come to a rotunda of sorts – more like a traffic triangle – stay right and then take a hard RIGHT again in front of a factory at the base of Mombacho (if you go left you will end up in Granada)

As you approach Nandaime, you are approaching the Pan American Highway.
Just before you reach the Pan American highway you will come to a Y junction with a
grassy median (and a large pink billboard of Ortega.) Stay left here and turn LEFT (south) toward NANDAIME.

You may want to top off your gas tank, get drinks or use toilet in Nandaime – it will be your last proper town before you hit the dirt road.

About 16 kilometers past NANDAIME, you will cross over the Puenta Ochomogo Bridge.

About 2 kilometers beyond the bridge look for a large turn off to your right onto a dirt road with signs for the Chacocente Wildlife Reserve and yellow wooden signs to Punta Teonaste.

Drive several kilometers until you reach a sort of Y (or T) junction with many signs. Turn left here. There will be a blue and white school to your left at this junction.

You will be about 45 minutes on this dirt road. Cross three small rivers and one cement bridge. Continue to follow the yellow Punta Teonaste signs.

The first notable landmark upon arriving in Las Salinas is the Angela’s colorful fruit stand

Just beyond the fruit stand, stay RIGHT and cross over the steel bridge.

As you are driving along this road you will soon see the main house of Two Brothers on the highest hill to your right. Drive past the The Holy(Holly)Ground Bakery, round the bend, and take your first RIGHT onto Bean Hill Road. Take your first LEFT to continue on Bean Hill Road. Curve right at the well house. Switch now to 4-wheel drive if you haven’t already – it will be steep in places. Continue up the hill. Pass through the gates – mind the BUMP at the cattle guard - and continue up the steep concrete drive to the very top beyond the pool. Check in at the main house at the very top.

Susan and Robert Gregory
Two Brothers Surf Resort

Nica Phone: (505)-88-77-7501
Vonage Phone: 904-687-1633

Life is a journey… as is the road to Two Brothers!
The entire journey should take approximately two hours. Enjoy the journey!


The sequence of towns you are heading for or passing through…
Starting in MANAGUA
Head toward TIPITAPA
Pass through MASAYA
Head toward GRANADA (slightly)
Pass through CATARINA
Head toward Volcano MOMBACHO
Pass through NANDAIME
TURN RIGHT about 2K beyond Bridge
Pass through VIRGIN MORENA
Go over the STEEL BRIDGE
Head toward the beach!



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