Two Brothers Surf Resort, Nicaragua

Located approximately three hours from Managua, an hour and half from Juan Del Sur and 45 minutes from Rivas, Two Brothers Surf Resort overlooks the Pacific Ocean just beyond the small community of Las Salinas in the Rivas District of Nicaragua. Two Brothers is centrally located between Playa Guascate and El Astrillero, providing for a fun and challenging variety of point, reef, and river mouth beach breaks.

Las Salinas
The village of Las Salinas is named for this small community’s traditional source of income “salt,” which can be seen being harvested from the sea in large salt flats that pepper the landscape around the foothills of Two Brothers. During the dry season, the barns around Las Salinas look as if they might bust at the seams, the salt piled high inside and pouring through the old wooden slats of the barns.

The town, which does not have much to offer in the way of infrastructure, has much to offer in the way of community. The people of Las Salinas are warm, kind and generous and will happily share their freshly-baked breads or sweet mangos plucked from their trees. Life is simple here, and the pace will allow you to stop and experience the culture and friendliness of our Nicaraguan neighbors.

El Astrillero
A small traditional Nicaraguan village, El Astrillero offers a glimpse into the simple way of life in a fishing village, in an environment where men can be seen fixing nets along the road and small groups of barefoot boys play baseball in the nearby empty field.

El Astrillero has a beautiful small cove where we harbor our 28-foot panga, “Endless Summer” and is an ideal place to dive for fish and lobster. A good indication that the fish are biting is when you see local kids from El Astrillero fishing from the rocks. They will happily show you the best bait and their own method of fishing with hand lines. Should you catch no fish diving or hand lining, no worries!  You will be welcome in the village of El Astrillero to buy fish from the big green house along the beach, where the seasoned local fisherman will undoubtedly have had better luck.

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Two Brothers Surf Resort, Nicaragua