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I don’t really send mail in Nicaragua – the post office is this great corner building in RIVAS – an old colonial building with the entrance sliced diagonally across the corner closest to the street, exposing the two foot thick adobe mud walls.  Inside its dark and cool with just a small glass case of colorful stamps bearing the images of Nicaraguan birds, and insects and fauna and a dark, worn, wooden counter flanked by numbered post boxes.  Our number was 28, the key was on a plastic keychain with an old 50s pinup photo, but it has been years since the box has received any mail.  When we first moved to Nicaragua my mother-in-law would send newspaper articles and birthday cards.  The boys would receive letters covered in hearts from girls at the school they were no longer attending in the states.  I would get postcards from friends travelling other far flung places with postmarks that went back weeks even months.  After a couple of years the mail stopped coming or just got more irregular.  We stopped checking for mail and we most likely neglected the rent on the box.  I should check for mail, maybe there’s something in there waiting to be picked up.  There is nothing better than a handwritten note, postmarked from a far-flung location with an exotic stamp!

Besos y Abrazos de Nicaragua,

Susan, Two Brothers Surf Resort



Surfline wrote an article calling for the best surf of the 2012 season to be found in NICARAGUA!   And 4th of July did not disappoint – though we were beginning to wonder…  All the models called for an epic southern swell arriving the first week of July with good direction, perfect seconds, and just the right amount of offshore lift from Nicaragua’s ever present offshore winds.  What we got in the days proceeding was a lake effect of sorts – in that it was just about as flat as it ever gets in Nicaragua followed by howling offshore winds that produced massive white caps and blown-out waves…

We went to bed to howling winds on July 3rd – with disappointed and equally bummed out Columbian guests who had flown in at the last minute for the predicted swell… We woke very early July 4th with the moon shining bright on the Pacific to very still winds – a perfect light offshore – the howling winds had laid down and let the swell do its thing…

And do its thing it did – Nicaragua does NOT disappoint!  Who needs fireworks on the 4th of July when the waves are bombs?  Marsh surfed the OUTERREEF with Robert and came away with only a sliced toe, and Auggie initiated local St. Augustine surfer and best buddy Ben Basili to the infamous and firing POPOYO!!  It was a good day…


The one that thing that stays pervasively in my mind when I ponder my life in Nicaragua and what I miss most when I’m not here, is the feeling that an eternity has gone by, by the time you’ve even reached the noon time hour.  Some of that may have to do with the fact that the days start as soon as the sun rises over the volcano! That aside, life seems to be in slow motion and I like it!   The animals move slowly on the roads, the beans cook slowly in the pot.

Even the notion of slow food fits perfectly in this lifestyle… Yes, if I were in a more industrialized nation, I suppose it would be quicker to go to Publix to buy my weekly food stores of eggs, bread, milk, fruit, vegetables, fish, & chicken… But I would rather wait for the mangos to ripen on my own tree.  I’m in no hurry for the neighbor’s hens to lay their eggs.  I can wait to decide what to serve for dinner based on the success of the boys spear-fishing prowess (with luck maybe we’ll be having grouper or snapper!).  And yes, it does takes more time (2 days actually) for the local baker to pound out the dough for bread, let it rise a couple times, find the wood, stoke the fire, and bake it in the traditional horno oven, but mmm it is so worth it to buy it fresh and warm.

And even though I can’t post this right now because the internet is so darn  S L O W,  it’s probably a good thing… I’ll just hang in the hammock and take a short siesta and press send later… Have a wonderful slow day!


Two Brothers Surf Resort
POPOYO, Nicaragua