Two Brothers Surf Resort, Nicaragua
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NEW! NEW! NEW! Two Brothers Board Room…

Airline fees and surfboard embargos are insane! Travel light and rent your boards from Two Brothers. We have the newest and largest selection of board rentals in the Popoyo area. To better serve our guests, we have brought over 20 brand new boards and now offer over 50 boards to rent, ranging from 4'10" to 9'1” and an 11” stand-up paddle board.

Two Brothers surfboard rentals include:
All rentals come with new leashes, nose guards, fins, day bag and wax. We have short boards, fun boards, fishes, thrusters, twin fins and quads, outer-reef guns, long boards and boogie boards. Boards are evenly split between epoxy and glass.

All boards can be exchanged daily depending on wave conditions with no cost to the renter. This enables you to feel like you have a full quiver for all wave conditions!

Daily rate for shortboards, funboards, and longboards - $15
Daily rate for Outer Reef Guns - $25
Daily rate for Stand-up Paddle Board (with paddle and board bag) - $30
Daily rate for boogie boards - $5
Weekly rate for boogie boards - $25

A refundable deposit (or your passport) is required for the rental of any board to cover any loss or damage of equipment. Deposit can be applied toward rental.

Why rent a board?
Why lug your boards and pay the airlines only to find that your board arrives days late or damaged? Use our switch-out program, which enables you to have a full quiver at your disposal covering all wave conditions.

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Two Brothers Surf Resort, Nicaragua