Two Brothers Surf Resort, Nicaragua

Blue 7’7” Epoxy - New Board

Width 22"
Thickness 2 7/8”
Great for beginners - easy paddler.
Good for small to medium surf. An easy, fun board.


Cannibal 7'4"
Epoxy Tri Fin - New Board

Width 21 1/2"
Thickness 2 5/8"
A channeling and deep V in the tail enables this board to be loose and perform like a short board without sacrificing paddle power. This board will do just about anything you ask it to - from getting deep in the tube to smacking the lip.



Huevos Tuflite, 7'5"
Epoxy Tri Fin - New Board

Width 21 1/8"
Thickness 2 3/4"
All around performer - good for beginners to intermediate surfers.
Giving you the paddling power with the performance mixed in.
This board has enough kick in the nose to make the drops when called upon.Works well in a wide range of surf.


BPC "Auggie Dog", 8'0" Glass

Width 22"
Thickness 2 7/8"
This is a great all around board for small to medium-large surf.
Great for beginners or someone who just wants to catch lots of waves.Good nose rocker and swallow-tale, will do exactly what you ask it to.



"da dog II" shaped by Mike Doyle, 8'6" Glass

Width 23 1/2"
Thickness 3"
This single fin board has fun written all over it!!!
Stable platform for catching waves - great for beginners. For intermediate to good surfers, it will transport you back to the golden years, but with the performance of today - A blast!



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Two Brothers Surf Resort, Nicaragua