Two Brothers Surf Resort, Nicaragua

A life well lived is one that is filled with moments and experiences that go beyond the ordinary.  Unforgettable, Unexpected, Unbelievable...all words that many of our guests have used to describe their stay with us at Two Brothers - but words also that describe our guests!  We reflect on our year and measure our success in the friendships and experiences we have shared throughout the season in the water and on our hilltop in Nicaragua.  Thank you for sharing in our life at Two Brothers – wearing no shoes on our feet and living with sand in our sheets!  Cheers!

Robert, Susan, Marsh and Auggie Gregory
Two Brothers Surf Resort, Nicaragua

Thank you for an absolutely wonderful week. Our entire experience was fantastic, from the tamales on the ride to the resort, our day of fishing – each meal was delicious and each day surfing a great experience. Kika was a wonderful guide who was a great help to Brian and Kirk to catch more waves. The inclusive package was superb! Any other way and I think we would have really missed out on a great experience… We hope we will be back to stay another time soon because this week has been so great! Thank you again for making our vacation… Brian, Lisa and Kirk North Carolina April 2012

Thank you all so much for all you guys did for us. You made our trip so much better! We would have been lost without ya’ll! Mmmm… good food. Good people. Good waves. Love this place! It will always be in my heart and soul… JC April 2012

We had an amazing time staying at Two Brothers! Thanks for the awesome boat trips and helping us figure out the different breaks/tides/winds etc. We would have been lost without the advice. We loved hanging out in the hammocks by the pool when weren’t out surfing. Will definitely pass on the Two Brothers name to anyone we meet thinking of a Nicaragua surf trip! Brett, Craig & Piotr May 2012

How do we start? Everything was top of the line staying here at Two Brothers Surf Resort. We all had this special need for Henry’s cooking every single day! We would be surfing and ask ourselves what we think he would be cooking that day and get so excited like kids in the candy store. The surf was like nothing we have ever seen before. We surfed the best, cleanest, and biggest waves all week with a smile on our faces, whether it was grabbing a sweet barrel or pushing an air. Andrey our surf guide was not only the best surf guide ever, but he became all of our friends during the trip and could always make us laugh. Great guy! Two Brothers is the place to be! See you next year… Troy, Greg, Travis, Dylan June 2012

What a team! What a place! What a country! Thank you for a fantastic two weeks in your beautiful home. The food, the friends, the kindness couldn’t ask for more. You guys really understand the term “all inclusive” – its not just about the great food and the accommodation – its about the entire experience! I’ve not been many places where I’ve got to do so much surfing! Thanks for all your help with everything Nicaraguan! Two Brothers keeps insanity away! Katie and Kippa June 2012

There are a thousand words to describe and express our gratitude - they won’t fit in the guest book – Thank you! Astonishment! And Amazing! We will take back to Venezuela these great memories and we’ll always stay true to your philosophy – Surfing Keeps Insanity Away! Ander, Adrian, Eugenio, Manuel July 2012

We have been dreaming about coming to Nicaragua for a long time it was great to finally make it to Two Brothers. So much we experienced exceeded our expectations: the Rancho, the views from the hill, the roads and rural character of the region, the people, the dry tropical forests and gallery forests of Chacocente, and of course the surf… You have built a great community here rich with good people, healthy activities, and a lifestyle that revolves on the rhythm of the tides. Thanks so much for sharing this with us and we very much look forward to coming back! The Basili family, Florida July 2012

My family and I are seasoned lifelong travelers and adventurers. We fell in love with Nicaragua. Though it's a very poor country, we discovered that it has the nicest and happiest people in the world.  Each place we visited had its own special adventure and we quickly learned to enjoy getting lost.
Of all of our experiences, none was better than our time at Two Brothers Surf Resort, in the magnificence of the Pacific Ocean and the beach at Popoyo. We are already planning our next trip there.  Two Brothers Surf Lodge sits at the top of a big hill overlooking endless fields of farmland on one side and the ocean on the other. It's owned and run by the Gregorys, an expat American family that spends a large part of each year living on the premises. Each house is a beautiful work of architecture, built by hand by the local craftsmen. Ours, Familia, was the biggest and was perfect for our family of five. It was the house the Gregorys lived in while they finished construction on the main house. We could feel the love put into building this place. Everything had a story.

Traveling around, some of the places we went to required roughing it just a little. Nicaragua is still very much a developing nation. Arriving at Two Brothers resort was a respite from that. It was like staying with friends who share their beautiful home with you, take care of you and guide you around. Robert, Susan, Marsh and Augie Gregory treated us like we were their friends. They are one of the nicest and most interesting families we have ever met. Every day, each one of them stopped by to check in on us and shared stories and information about the area.

They have a strong vested interest in the community and care about everyone in it.
Our main activity each day was surfing. The waves were always perfect, with a complete range of spots for different levels of ability. Marsh, who gave lessons to our children, routinely surfs 30 foot waves on the outer reef. The beach was always empty, save for one or two surfers; the water was clear and warm. Overall, it was one of the most beautiful spots on earth.
If there is a complaint to be made, it's that outside of Two Brothers, there are few amenities in the area. That said, it's also part of the charm. Just the right balance is struck between having an unspoiled, undeveloped area and having enough services to make the stay manageable.
There are some restaurants but we only liked one of them. We became friends with the waitress. Likewise, there was only one small shop to buy food and sundries. We happened to go there on a day when they were having a party, People were dancing and taking turns beating a pinata. They offered us some of the candy. It was a real and unfiltered experience. This is why we went to Nicaragua in the first place.
Compared to the other places in the area, Two Brothers is in a class by itself. It's a place where the owners take tremendous pride and put tremendous love into what they do. Living there is the gift Robert and Susan give to their sons, Marsh and Augie. While we were there, we were part of it too. The Kourosh family, NYC July 2012

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