Two Brothers Surf Resort, Nicaragua

Thank you for your wonderful hospitality and excellent local knowledge.  Watching Marsh and Auggie surf brought smiles upon all of our faces.  We wish we could have been there for a solid swell so we could watch Robert get deep at Outer Reef.  You should be proud of your family and everything you have worked for to provide a safe and beautiful compound in the heart of Nicaragua’s Surf Zone.
Phillip, Bryan & Ryan, Jacksonville, FL,  August 2009

Thanks so much for the generous hospitality.  Your family truly has a beautiful perch on top of the hill.  This trip was very inspiring to me, and once my beat up body heals, I will be back I the water with more motivation to ride than ever!  I loved your knowledge of all the cool spots along the coastline.  They were all cool and unique in their own way.
Michael Moine, Hermosa Beach, CA,  August 2009

Thank you for the privilege of staying in your spectacular hill-top haven!  The love and energy you put into this property has a magical aura.  We are all quite eager to return to this slice of paradise you all have created.
The crew from Columbia,  July 2009

Another great time!  Can’t say enough about the place!  Adopt me and next year we’ll call it Three Brothers (Tres Hermanos)!  Always great hospitality and I’ll continue to send more people your way.
Grant Barfus,  July 2009

Y’all sure are on to something living the pure life!  Two Brothers is like and adult Disneyland with no lines – except for the ones in the ocean!  I’ll be back next year and fully expect some surfing lessons from the Two Brothers.  One suggestion – a house guitar by the pool – other than that – everything is perfect here!  Pura Vida!
Joe,  July 2009

Thank you so much for sharing your place with us.  We had a great time and caught some really good waves.  We look forward to coming back soon and maybe ride La Burra or the Outer Reef!
Angel Colon,  Orlando, July 2009

We are so glad we found your website.  It’s unbelievable that here in Nicaragua we have so many beautiful places and we don’t explore them.  Thanks to you guys we enjoyed a piece of heaven – Two Brothers is one-of-a-kind!  Your hospitality is unique, my family and I are thankful.  You’ll be hearing from us again you can count on it!
Gladys, Max, Gabriel, Ansly & Xavier, Managua,  July 2009

This place gets better and more like paradise each time here.  Wouldn’t stay anywhere else.  Head high to double overhead the whole time!  Look forward to catching the Outer Reef next time!
Rodney, St Augustine,  June 2009

Looking through some of the entries written by previous guests, one thing is perfectly clear… you definitely provide the HOSPITALITY!  Although it is something every guest can respect and appreciate, I think its what you do above and beyond that will keep em all coming back!  It’s exactly what made our one night stay turn into three so easily.  I am eager to get back to the states and tell friends, family and surf addicts alike of our experience at Two Brothers.
Andy Gell, San Diego,  June 2009

Thank you for everything, you guys are awesome.  We came for one night and just couldn’t leave.  This place is amazing and the view is breathtaking.  I can’t wait to come back here again.  The surf was amazing, best surf trip ever!
Igor Kogan, San Diego,  June 2009

We came looking for a bungalow, beach and a break.  We got what we wanted and so much more!  Thank you for building such a beautiful life and sharing it with us.  It’s an honor to be welcomed into this gorgeous paradise you’ve created.
Julie Birdsong, San Francisco,  June 2009

…It’s always fun to get a barrel, but its more fun to get one when a friend sees it!  I’m stoked to be there to watch yours – you made mine a lot sweeter.  I look forward to when we can enjoy some more waves together.
Dirty Paw Surfboards, Pacifica, California,  June 2009

Thank you very much for letting me stay in this amazing paradise!  I will remember this trip for as long as I live.  Plans for a return trip are already in the works.  Thanks again… I love this place!
Sean, Deerfield Beach,  June 2009

Jae and I had a fantastic time staying at Two Brothers.  While my best surfing days are still in the future, I feel that, thanks to Marsh and Robert’s excellent coaching, I got a lot better during my stay.  Your place is truly extraordinary!  IT was a real pleasure to spend time in such a majestic environment.  The memories of our cute little villa and the amazing views will stay with us forever.
Jon and Jae,  June  2009

Thank you so much for your hospitality.  Your resort is beautiful and so relaxing.  We’ve thoroughly enjoyed surfing, beach combing, swimming, hiking, and most of all just relaxing.  We had such fun out on the boat and loved exploring the countryside.  We feel so “at home” at your place and can’t wait to come back.
Anna and Brian McComb, Ormond Beach,  June 2009

Thank you so much for the warm welcome and hospitality!  Dalton and I have everlasting memories and hope to return soon.  This surf trip was a graduation present for my son and could not have been any more perfect… as he stated “Mom thank you so much, this is the best time of my life!”  Once again thank you, the hospitality, the stories, the view and the surf are the best anyone could ever dream of.
Sherry and Dalton, Florida,  June 2009

It is right before sunset, and I’m sitting by the pool admiring the beautiful view.  It is so amazing, I can’t believe it.  Thank you all for so much for everything, your kindness, hospitality, wisdom…  Time went by too fast, I wish I would stay here forever!!
Khang,  June  2009

It was a privilege to stay at your resort and to surf with you in such great conditions… Especially to discover  “Playgrounds” – one of the most beautiful waves I have ever ridden.  A+
Maxime, San Francisco,  May 2009

My best vacation ever!  Thank you for everything.  Your place is a dream and you are all amazing.  I’m glad that you helped me taking my first waves and that you gave me great advices!
Jean Michel, San Francisco,  May 2009

There is no other place I would rather spend my honeymoon!  I love being here – the only place I don’t need a vacation from my vacation!
Jessica Garwood, Texas,  May 2009

This place is amazing, the line-ups incredible, and the lifestyle ideal.  The dream is alive!  Best of luck to the family and I shall be back as my yearly pilgrimages to Costa Rica have been replaced.
Joe Fisher, Florida,  May 2009

Friends, if I could surf these waves and eat at Yolanda’s every night life would be OK!  Thanks for showing us the ropes and dropping knowledge on us.  We will be sending friends down soon and can not wait to return.  You guys rock!
Mike, San Diego,  May 2009

Thank you guys for your warm hospitality.  It’s been an amazing experience so far.  I have been to may places around the world and Two Brothers is definitely one I’ll never forget!
Diego, Venezuela,  May 2009

Best Place to stay in Nicaragua!  Thanks for everything.  I hope to come back in the near future…
Andres, Venezuela,  May 2009

We all had a thoroughly kick ass time here at Two Brothers.  This place you built is truly special and beautiful.  Thanks for your kindness and hospitality.  We caught many gret waves and a few fish.  Thanks to Marsh for showing us where to line up at Playgrounds…and for scaring all the bull sharks away!  Be back soon…
Dave, Chris, Damon & Derek,  May 2009

My first trip to Nicaragua and I am already planning my second visit.  A beautiful, austere, and ruggard place to live…You have taken the untamed and tamed it in a remarkably beautiful way.  Thank you for allowing me to share a little piece of or your contribution to this rugged land.  I’ve enjoyed every minute of being here and will spread the word.
Ronald, Massachusetts,  May 2009

If there are two better surf guides that Auggie and Marsh we want to meet them!  The highlights of our trip were the 40 second lefts at Dairy Queens, the barrels at Astriello, Auggie officially naming “Auggies”.  The incredible hospitality we’ll just take for granted.  Honestly the kids made our trip.  Can’t wait for next visit, hopefully it will be sooner than later.
Jim, Joe and Svein,  April 2009

We have had an amazing week and have enjoyed so many diverse things in the area – Mombacho was wonderful and seeing the sloth was surreal.  When life gets hectic we will think back at this peaceful place.
Tonia and Thierry, San Francisco,  April 2009

While I have an intense few months of training ahead of me as I prepare for the 2010 Olympic Games, it is nothing compared to what I will be doing to get ready for next years surf vacation to be ready to surf with Robert and the boys!  Thanks for opening the doors to your home, for the amazing hospitality, boat trips and surf coaching!  We had a wonderful week with you amazing family.  Keep ripping those waves.  Hope to be back soon!
Jennifer Heil, Canada,  April 2009

Eureka!  Foundit!  No need to spend hours searching on the web… This is the perfect place!!  The waves, the lodging and the hosts...
Dominick Gauthier, Montreal, April 2009

Thank you for and amazing and unforgettable visit to Nicaragua.  Two Brothers is an amazing place – beautiful, relaxed and a perfect place to spend time with friends.  Thank you so much for the hospitality you and your family have shown us and the great recommendations and tips.
Karen Luk, Seattle, April 2009

Thanks for four amazing days!  I love the paradise you have created here…  You obviously had such a clear vision when you came here and it is obvious that it has paid off.  Also, your kids are the coolest.  They are happy and resourceful, and quietly let their surfing do their talking.  Thanks for having us!
Warren Tanner, Vancouver, April 2009

Hello beautiful family!  Thanks for the perfect surf vacation: perfect wave spots, hardly any crowds, great food recos, a fun boat trip, and your beautiful hilltop paradise!  It was a pleasure meeting you and watching you and your incredible kids surf!
Luen Choo, Toronto, April 2009

What an amazing trip this has been!  I had heard so many great things about Two Brothers prior to coming, and this trip far exceeded my already soaring expectations.  You guys are incredibly gracious hosts and I leave here with a sense that I have found a new group of friends.  Auggie was the ultimate surf guide.  I’ll always remember our perfect session at Dairy Queens with just me and Auggie in the water, trading wave after wave.  I can’ imagine that it gets much better than that.
Brian, Ormond Beach, April 2009

Thanks for the wonderful trip!  You showed us our surfing should be done.  I missed out last year but this trip more than made up for that.  Thanks again for the board rental and your time.  We packed as much as possible ino one short week and are leaving exhausted but I wouldn’t want it any other way!
Scott,  April 2009

We are worn out!  Small surf by Robert’s standards, but 2 foot overhead by East Coast Standards.  Roger’s an excellent guide for our hike into Nica country.  Still we feel like this resort is misnamed – instead of Two Brothers – this week we felt part of the family – Cinco Hermanos!  Thanks for making us feel that way…
William Lippincott,  April 2009

Many thanks for the exceptional views of the surf and the Pacific.  I really appreciated your help in putting this all together, next year I have it dialed in on what to do.  You have a paradise that is “muy tranquilo” and good for the mind.  For an “old man” I surfed some great waves.  Mil Gracias!
Dr. Bill, Surfers Medical Associates,  April 2009

Thank you for a “once in a life-time experience” and for sharing your family & your hospitality.  I personally enjoyed my non-surf adventures to the hot-springs, Granada, yoga class and shopping for food in town.  You are an amazing family and I am grateful for this opportunity…
Barbara, California,  April 2009

I enjoyed staying at Two Brothers.  Playing Marco Polo at night was fun.  Thanks for taking us to the hot springs, which we found refreshing.  I think the Indonesian doors are very cool.  It was fun going to the tide pools and playing soccer…Thanks for everything!
Alejandro Gonzalez-Smith,  April 2009

I had a wonderful stay at Two Brothers and I want to say thank you for the tiles.  Whenever I look at a mosaic I will think of you guys.  I loved playing in the pool at night.  Thanks for telling us good places to eat.  Thank you so much!  I rate Two Brothers 5 stars!
Leonardo Gonzalez-Smith,  April 2009

My stay at Two Brothers was nothing short of excellent.  The pool and rooms were beautiful and I enjoyed hanging out with Auggie and Marsh.  Going to the turtle reserve was a great experience, being able to play soccer with the family that lived there.  I enjoyed going to the tide pools and seeing fish, sea stars, urchins, and of course tons of barnacles.  We were even lucky enough to see a teeny-tiny sea snake.  Going to Granada with Susan a guide was wonderful.  All in all the trip was fantastic!
Elisa Gonzalez-Smith,  April 2009

Our stay at Two Brothers was short but the best part of our trip in Nicaragua.  The villas are really nice and comfortable and we had 2 – no three – perfect  guides for our surf trips: Auggie, Marsh and Ralphy!
Daniel and Carol,  April 2009

We had wonderful time at Two Brothers.  Great place to unwind, explore and play in the surf.  The natural beauty of the area and the views from the truly spectacular setting you have created on your mountaintop are breathtaking.  Would love to think that we’ll be back one day!
Triskan Family,  March 2009

Mahola! For the wonderful stay at Two Brothers.  The Villa Serena was perfect for us and we love the architecture and creative design throughout your beautiful property.  The views from your hilltop are amazing!
Suzanne and Rick,  March 2009

Great place, epic view.  We would come back in a heartbeat.  We loved the pool, hammocks, and breeze.  Love the place!  We would recommend to anyone.
Grant and Zack Barfuss,  February 2009

Thank you, thank you, thank you for sharing such a beautiful property.  We had an amazing time relaxing by the pool, on the veranda, and by the tide pools.  We hope to come back soon and in the interim will spread the word about your hilltop paradise!
Erika and Tater,  January 2009

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